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foto parcheggio trasloelevatore Traspark TM
foto parcheggio trasloelevatore Traspark TM
foto parcheggio trasloelevatore Traspark TM

It is the classic single tower trasloelevator for the storage of cars in 90° angle to the traslo lane. Up to 3 floors the hoist mechanism is of the rack & pinion type, from 4 to 8 floors it is of the rope type, the hoist winch being placed on top of the tower structure . The shifting of the cars is performed by means of an integral lift trolley placed on the platform of the trasloelevator.

The access to the TRASPARK TM model can be performed by driving directly on the trasloelevator platform or indirectly through a turntable or a secondary fixed or turning lift. The indirect access gives the opportunity to separate the user time from the main mechanism parking time, shortening the in-parking and out-parking operations in case of a steady flow.

The TRASPARK TM is suitable both for private (residential) parking - the access is done through smart cards or stick transponders - and public parking – the access is done through entry/exit gates and automatic or manual cashiers for occasional users. 

The TRASPARK TM can be developped underground, above ground or mixed.

The system can be composed of one or more trasloelevetors working in the same lane but each taking care of a specific area. In case of maintenance works or malfunctioning of one trasloelevator the other trasloelevator.can serve the entire area , increasing the availability of the plant.

The access to the TRASPARK TM can be arranged through several types of entry/exit rooms customized according to the specific needs (drive-through entry/exit rooms) or through secondary elevators that connect the street level with the first parking level.

Thanks to our ILT this solution can handle cars parked in double and triple rows in order to optimise the use of space.

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