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Technical support and assistance


Our after sales service is provided by a team that manages the network of external assistance deployed in the area and are connected in real-time using computers in order to ensure the immediate availability of spare parts and human resources.

Our Customer Service is able to ensure both the prompt intervention (7/7 days and 24/24 hours ) and also scheduled preventive maintenance.

If required on the smaller units we are able to optimize service by installing remote management of systems.

Interpark is supported by a worldwide network that provides technical assistance. All components are factory tested and Interpark is able to provide installation and commissioning of the plants by specialized technicians.

Interpark has also a wide range of parts for immediate delivery, managed by a computerized system , which guarantees within 24 hours to process your most orders .

The larger systems are supplied with a unique computerized monitoring system , which provides a thorough analysis of the system in real time.

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