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Up to now Interpark has installed 107 parking plants for a total number of 7840 car spaces.

Interpark has acquired a primary role among European manufactures; it exports products not only to European Union countries but also to far nations like Thailand, South Korea and recently China.

Interpark holds European patents on both types of handling systems: pallet and pallet-less.

In particular the integral lift trolley (pallet-less) is the most advanced solution for the reliability and the safety in movements.

In the automation field, our internal software engineers have developed some “programs blocks” for each component of the plant, remoting the intelligence to secondary PLCs connected with each other and to the main PLC – supervision system – through a profibus network.

According to the type of parking, fixed users or random users – for public parking - the interface system changes from the smart card (or stick transponder) to ticketing systems identical to the ones supplied in conventional parking (including automatic cashiers).

Interpark has a basic product range of 4 systems with a huge variety of accessories that combined together are able to fulfill all the needs of the customers, especially when we have to face existing structures or narrow spaces.

Compared to a conventional parking, the automatic parking has a saving in terms of volume in the range of 30 – 40% that in city centers is tremendously important.

This characteristic, joined with the pollution (all the cars in the carpark are moved by electrical motors with engine off) and the safety (nobody can access the storing area) advantage, gives a high tech aspect of the product for the solution of the actual problems of mobility and parking in modern cities.

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