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Multilift/multishuttle systems


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The Carpark T is the most versatile and fast automatic parking system since vertical and horizontal transportation are totally independent from each other. It is suitable for large public parkings from 150 to 1000 car places with a ticketing system connected to automatic or manned cashiers for occasional users, but it can be adapted to private use with smart cards (stick transponders).

It is a modular solution which can be expanded both vertically and horizontally, with the possibility of multiple entry/exit rooms (drive-through type or equipped with a turn table).

It consists of a battery of lifts (one very 80/100 car places) with rope type or rack & pinion hoist mechanism depending on the parking height and the required speed, and one or more shuttles at each parking floor (rotating or simple) . Two shuttles for each lift is the best ratio for a balanced plant. Each shuttle carries one integral lift trolley for car shifting on board. Parking bays can be arranged in single, double and triple rows, allowing an optimal use of space.

All the shuttles can operate with each lift, guaranteeing a high ratio of redundancy and consequently a great reliability of the plant: in case of preventive maintenance or accidental stop the system will continue to work in automatic mode by choosing a different component for the execution of the ongoing missions.

This system can be installed underground, above ground or mixed. In big parkings one floor is normally dedicated to the circulation of the cars to/from the entry/exit rooms, creating buffer zones during the rush hours, and leaving additional areas for handicapped parking and other side activities (car wash, news stand, coffee shop, etc.).

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