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Combined lift/shuttle systems

This type of plant is able to perform one movement at a time:
- during the vertical motion the shuttle rests of the elevator;
- after reaching the parking floor the shuttle slides out of the lift and travels in front of the parking place.

According to the available space the handling of the cars can be made with the integral lift trolley (cars stored in 90┬░angle to the shuttle lane), or with pallets (cars parked in the same axle of the shuttle lane)

Both solutions allow to store the cars in single or double rows.

Each mechanism is able to serve between 10 and 50 car places and is best suited for small to medium parkings for private use.

The following models belong to this family:

Pozzopark L2 L3 L4

»»  POZZOPARK L2, L3, L4


»»  CARPARK T1 e T1 s


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