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foto parcheggio Carpark T
foto impianti parcheggio automatizzato carpark T1

It consists of a lift with cable, chain or rack & pinion hoisting device depending on the parking height, which carries one shuttle on board. The CARPARK T1 can have the entry/exit room placed directly on top of the elevator, or use a secondary lift to connect the entry/exit room to the first parking level where the main elevator operates connecting all the parking floors.

The entry/exit room can be fixed, disappearing and/or have a turntable according to the needs.

System can handle cars in single, double or triple bay.

In particular cases (maximum exploitation of a very high or very deep plant) its possible that the shuttle runs on the edge of the parking slabs, avoiding the construction of the central shuttle concrete slab, thus saving 30 cm on the height of each floor.

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