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Interpark, automated parking system division of Proviron Technology SA, is involved in the realization of automatic parking systems for the past 20 years.

After starting the business in collaboration with other Companies operating in the same field, Interpark has gradually increased its internal resources in design, production, erection, pre- and after sales service.

As a result, a large number of automatic parking systems, both for public and private use, have been put in operation in various parts of the world, establishing Interpark as one of the leading European manufacturers of such systems.

The vast experience gained in 20 years in the sector and over 100 plants in operation has led Interpark to its present skill in problem solving related to automatic parkings.

Interpark has the technical expertise and competence for handling the entire process in-house, from preliminary study to design, production, erection and after sales service.

A team of specialists provides pre-sales assistance to the customers for the analysis of their specific problems, helping them in the choice of the most appropriate solution.

Design is carried out by a team of engineers combining past experience in to the latest technological innovations.

Production is carried out in a modern factory with hoisting devices allowing the pre assembly of most components in order to reduce erection time at site.

Special emphasis is placed in the testing phase in accordance with the corporate policy, constantly aimed at increasing product quality and reliability.

The after sales service is located at the headquarters and oversees a local service network connected via Internet to the main office, assuring prompt delivery of spare parts and short intervention times of the technicians.

Remote monitoring, assistance and troubleshooting can be performed by linking the supervision systems of the plants to the central service office via internet.

Interpark has developed its own car handling technologies which are covered by international patents both for pallet systems (PAT No EP 0501935) and integral lift systems (PAT No EP 1119673).

By combining these systems with the different types of mechanisms one obtains a vast range of products, which are all based on standardized and reliable basic components.

The main range is completed by a number of accessories such as turn- tables, fixed and turning secondary elevators, supervision and ticketing systems.

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